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Fish, Richard, 1919-2006

Collection, 1948-2005: 3 folders (96 leaves, 1 article, 1 booklet, 1 journal, 64 photographs, 2 programs, 1 rubber stamp)

Richard Fish--photographer and 1940 graduate of the USC Cinematography School. In 1948 he took many photographs of Schoenberg one of which was used in an article in the magazine Music in the West (1951). He also took many photographs of Schoenberg's study at the request of Gertrud Schoenberg shortly following Schoenberg's death.


article reprint, Walter H. Rubsamen's "Schoenberg in America" The Musical Quarterly 37/4 (Oct. 1951)
booklet, "Einladung zur Subskription Arnold Schönberg Sämtliche Werke"
booklet, "Schoenberg Prism", Los Angeles Philharmonic 2001
clipping, Robert Commanday's "Expressionism: Seeing is not Hearing" San Francisco Chronicle (15 Mar. 1981)
correspondence (18 items: 1954-2005) with Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Ullstein Buch Verlag (Dr. Danz), et al.
correspondence (1953-2006) concerning copyright questions
journal, The Performing Arts at UCLA 16/1 (28 Aug. 1979)
photographs of Schoenberg, his family, his studio (64 different images, several contact sheets)
programs (2) rubber name/address stamp for Fish


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rüder Auer Verlag (Heyne (1 item: 1956))
Centre de Documentation de Musique Internationale (Geneviève Honegger (1 item: 1954))
Paul Collaer (1 item: 1955)
Das deutsche Lichtbild (Wolf Strache (2 items: 1956))
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Richard Fish (4 items: 1954-1955)
Giulio Einaudi Editore (1 item: 1953)
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Paul Pittion (1 item: 1959)
Schoenberg, Gertrud (1 item: 1955)'
Schoenberg, Lawrence (1 item: 2005)
Universal Edition (1 item: 1953)

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Programs: Op. 17, Moses und Aron