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Gibbs, Christopher

Collection, 1984-1987: 1 folder (13 leaves, 3 photographs)

Christopher Gibbs--doctoral student at Columbia University, working on the topic of Schubert lieder. He investigated Schoenberg's 1934 activities at Chautauqua. See Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute XI/2 (Nov. 1988) pp. 144-153 for information on Schoenberg's stay at Chautauqua.


correspondence (8 items: 1985-1987)
clipping, Gibbs' "Arnold Schoenberg was at Chautauqua" The Chautauquan Daily (20 Aug. 1984)
photographs of Schoenberg's home in Chautauqua (3 items: ca. 1985)


ASI (Jerry McBride (2 items: 1985), R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1987))
Lawrence Schoenberg (1 item: 1985)
Christopher Gibbs (4 items: 1985-1987)