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Harvard University (Cambridge)

Collection, 1921-1994: 1 folder (2550 leaves, 1 booklet), 3 microfilms

Harvard University--private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its undergraduate division, Harvard College (founded in 1636) is the oldest college in the United States. The Houghton Library at Harvard houses several collections containing material relating to Arnold Schoenberg, including the Rudolf Kolisch Collection (Kolisch (1896-1978) was Schoenberg's brother-in-law, pupil, and violinist of the Kolisch Quartet, which performed Schoenberg's music), the Hans Moldenhauer Archive (Moldenhauer (1906-1987) was a German musicologist with a particular interest in Anton Webern (1883-1945) about whom he published, and collected extensively), and the Louis Krasner Collection (Krasner (b. 1903) premiered Schoenberg's Violin Concerto, op. 36). See Joint Exhibition: Sources for 20th-Century Music History: Alban Berg and The Second Viennese School Musicians in American Exile Bavarica (Cambridge: Harvard College, 1988).


booklet, The Houghton Library: Manuscripts and Drawings: A Handlist of the Finding Aids with a List of Published Guides (1985)
correspondence (10 items: 1982-1992) with ASI (Paul Zukofsky), et al.

correspondence letters to Kolisch from Hanns Eisler (19 items: 1925-47, includes a defensive »Statement« by Eisler, written after 1942), Lilly Field (5 items: 1969-74 and undated), »Fritz« (1 item: between 1915-18), »Fritz« (1 item: 1953?), Otty Goldfarb (2 items: 1942), Felix Greissle (44 items: 1945-73 and undated), »Gretl« (2 items: 1918 and undated), Victor Gurewich (1 item: 1976), Ludwig Hoelscher (1 item: 1956), Cäcilie Hoffmann (1 item: 1916), Paul Hoffmann (1 item: 1915), Richard Hoffmann (19 items: 1915, 1951-70), Trudl Hoffmann (1 item: 1915), Otto Hoffmanny (1 item: after 1958, also from Kato Hoffmanny), Fritz Kolisch (5 items: 1938-40, includes a letter to Mrs. J. Favez), Heinrich Kolisch (1 item: 1926), Henriette Kolisch (241 items: 1915-59 and undated), Ludwig Kolisch (9 items: 1915-17 and undated), Maria Kolisch-Seligmann (279 items: 1915-76, includes a postcard to Josefa Rosanska, 1929), Michaela Kolisch (3 items: 1972-73), Norma Theresa Kolisch (1 item: 1975), Rudolf Kolisch (father, 102 items: 1915-18 and undated), Rudolf Kolisch (cousin, 63 items: 1925-78, includes letters to Mrs. J. Favez and Eugene Lehner, intended for Kolisch), Erich Wolfgang Korngold (7 items: 1916-25 and undated), Adolfine Kronegg (1 item: 1946), Luigi Nono (19 items: 1954-57 and undated, also from Nuria Schoenberg Nono and Gertrud Schoenberg), Mitzi Rosenfeld (12 items: 1907-08 and undated), Josef Rufer (70 items: 1934-69), Arnold Schönberg (70 items: 1920-51 and undated, also from Gertrud Schoenberg, includes a postcard to Josefa Rosanska, 1934), Barbara Schoenberg (1 item: 1966), Gertrud Schoenberg (278 items: 1914-66 and undated, also from Arnold Schönberg, includes a letter to Josefa Rosanska, 1951), Lawrence Schoenberg (9 items: 1945-68), Nuria Schoenberg Nono (57 items: 1943-76, also from Boris Blacher, Gerty Herzog, Richard Hoffmann, Henriette Kolisch, Luigi Nono, Josef Rufer and Gertrud Schoenberg, includes a copy of a letter from Nuria Schoenberg Nono to Richard Hoffmann), Ottilie Schönberg (1 item: 1953), Ronald Schoenberg (69 items: 1944-74, also from Gertrud Schoenberg), Anita Seligman (4 items: 1927-44), Michael R. Seligman (28 items: 1936-76), Milton C. Seligman (14 items: 1931-47), Otto D. Seligman (101 items: 1907-64 and undated, includes a copy of his obituary from The New York Times and 2 letters to the Kolisch Quartett, 1936), Ena Steiner (1 item: 1976), »Susi« (1 item: 1975)

correspondence letters from Kolisch to Chess Review (2 items: 1947), Lilly Field (2 items: 1969), Otty Goldfarb (1 item: 1942), Felix Greissle (24 items: 1944-60), Richard Hoffmann (9 items: 1952-61), Henriette Kolisch (115 items: 1943-1961), Maria Kolisch-Seligmann (64 items: 1942-75 and undated), Rudolf Kolisch (cousin, 22 items: 1956-76), Erich Wolfgang Korngold (3 items: 1943-44), Arnold Schönberg (22 items: 1943-51, also to Gertrud Schoenberg), Luigi Nono (7 items: 1957-58), Gertrud Schoenberg (100 items: 1942-66), Lawrence Schoenberg (4 items: 1961-66 and undated), Nuria Schoenberg Nono (15 items: 1947-58, also to Luigi Nono), Ottilie Schönberg (1 item: 1953), Ronald Schoenberg (18 items: 1950-73), Michael R. Seligman (11 items: 1928-66), Milton C. Seligman (3 items: 1942-47), Otto D. Seligman (29 items: 1941-63), Ernst Toch (9 items: 1948-53)

correspondence between Toni Hoffmann and Lawrence Schoenberg (1 item: 1964), Henriette and Maria Kolisch-Seligmann (1 item: undated), Henriette Kolisch und Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: undated), Rudolf Kolisch (father) and Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1915), Louis Krasner and Arnold Schönberg (7 items: 1938-45), Josef Rufer and Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1954), Arnold Schönberg and Henriette Kolisch (1 item: 1927), Arnold Schönberg and Maria Kolisch (2 items: 1934 and undated), Arnold Schönberg and Louis Krasner (13 items: 1938-49, with a letter to Max Winter), Gertrud Schoenberg and Maria Kolisch (2 items: 1934-35), Gertrud Schoenberg and unidentified recipients (1 item: 1937), Otto D. Seligman and Maria Kolisch-Seligmann (2 items: 1932-38, also from Michael R. Seligman), unidentified correspondent and Henriette Kolisch (1 item: 1937)

family papers, genealogy
inventory of the Rudolf Kolisch collection
lists and descriptions of Harvard's Schoenberg holdings (4 items)
list of Kolisch/Schoenberg correspondence with six summaries or transcriptions (10 p.: 1993)
music manuscript of Schoenberg's arrangement of Johann Strauss' Rosen aus dem Süden
writings by Arnold Schönberg: Contrapuntal composition, Grundlagen der musikalischen Komposition (German translation by Kolisch), My Evolution, Organisatorische Funktionen der Harmonie, Pierrot lunaire Foreword, Program notes to the String Quartets, Vorrede zu den vier Streichquartetten und Analyse des Ersten Quartetts, Theory of Performance, Die Wunderreihe
writings by Rudolf Kolisch: Autobiographical notes, Curriculum vitae, Notebook, Funeral oration for Arnold Schönberg


ASI (Jerry McBride (4 items: 1982-1984), R. Wayne Shoaf (2 items: 1988-1992))
Harvard University (Rodney G. Dennis (1 item: 1988), Thomas Noonan (2 items: 1982-1983), Michael Ochs (1 item: 1984), Kathryn Welter (1 item: 1994))

Music cited

Strauss Rosen aus dem Süden arr.