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Keller, Alfred, 1907-

Collection, 1958-1980: 1 folder (17 leaves)

Alfred Keller--Swiss composer who studied with Schoenberg at the Preussischer Akademie der Künste (1927-1930). He taught piano at the St. Galischen Lehrerseminar in Rorschach (1946-1958). Two of his atonal compositions are Variationen über ein Thema von A. Schönberg (1968) and Epitaph für A. Schönberg (1957).


clippings (3 items: 1977-1980), 2 on Keller, 1 on Józef Koffler (1896-1943?, Schoenberg student 1920-1924)
biographical essay by Keller entitled "Arnold Schönberg" (13 leaves: 1958?)