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Whitney, John H., 1917-

Collection, 1939-1996: 1 folder (38 leaves), 1 book, 8 photographs, 1 videotape

John Whitney--American experimental filmmaker, computer-graphics artist, and musical theorist. He studied with René Leibowitz in Paris (1939). Leibowitz was the chief proponent of twelve-tone composition in France at the time as well as an avid supporter of Schoenberg.


article (1 item: 1994), Whitney's "To Paint on Water: The Audiovisual Duet of Complementarity." Computer Music Journal 18/3 (Fall 1994): 45-52.
book (1 item: 1980), Whitney's Digital Harmony
correspondence (2 items: 1993, 1 item: 1996) with Whitney, et al.
essays (2 items: 1992-1993), Whitney's "To paint on water" (2 versions)
photographs (8 items: 1937/38) of René Leibowitz, his wife and daughter, and his Paris studio
videotape (1 item: 1993?) A Personal Search: For the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1993))
Pyramid Film & Video (Julie Lawson (1 item: 1993)